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Nafsika Skourti is half Greek and half Jordanian. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 and worked at Marchesa in New York. She also trained in haute couture embroidery and passementerie at Ecole Lesage in Paris.Stephanie Skourti graduated from Warwick University in the UK with a Bachelors of Law. After working at Goldman Sachs for five years, she left the corporate world to join forces with her sister. Swapping finance for fashion in 2014 was a passion driven move as the sisters set out to build something meaningful. Together, they established the Nafsika Skourti brand out of their home in Jordan.  

With a practice rooted in in-depth research, they work to export the nuances and stories of their home. Through print, embroidery and ongoing textile development they create sharp separates, couture details and modern tailoring. Weaving cultural narratives and explorations of region specific history and humour, the Nafsika Skourti aesthetic is a beautiful pairing of glamour and anti glamour.
Always designing with an acute sensitivity to the female voice, they celebrate the matriarchs that surround them. Avid listeners and observers, they are women designing for women, serving the many facets of a woman's femininity through cut and expression of dress.
Believers in considerate design, they seek to produce high quality, long lasting and versatile pieces. Using their moral and technical imagination to create products that are value adding to the wearer, the makers and their community. With a holistic approach that focuses on collaboration and consciousness they have instilled a culture of empowerment, education and engagement into the Nafsika Skourti brand.
The mission statement: to make valuable things that contribute to a positive collective future.


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