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LADO BOKUCHAVA is a Georgian brand founded in 2017 by Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava. Brands signature is 80’s underground style mixed with contemporary world. Every collection is a mix of classic and urban style with futuristic details, different directions together. In the brand color defines lots of things. The most important part of creating process is a pattern. Most of the complex looks consist of many details that are detachable, which makes them multifunctional and comfortable to wear for any type of body, and also on different occasions.

The sources of inspiration for designer are always different movies or books that are expressed in the mood of collection. Use of colors are always vibrant and miscellaneous, highlighting a perfect balance between elegance and serenity. Designer adores synthesizing delicateness with harsh shapes, making looks posh yet savage, for someone showing her uniqueness unabashedly and unconditionally. The brand’s first collection was SS 2018 which made a huge success not only in Georgia but outside
country as well. 



Lado Bokuchava.jpg


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